Some time ago in the city of Pullman, two Washington State Cougars named Jessica and Tommy crossed paths. Despite having a few classes and a dorm building in common their freshman year, they didn’t truly to know each other until they were sophomores. “I thought she was the prettiest girl on campus, but the butterflies in my stomach made it hard for me to muscle up the courage to ask her out for a little while.”  Jessica’s shyness began to soften as she admired the gentlemanly ways of Tommy. “He held the door open for me every single time.”

Their first date was a little on the scary side, as they went to see A Nightmare on Elm Street. “I picked out the movie and it was a terrible choice…I found out later that Tommy hates scary movies. We were so awkward. It gives me the butterflies just thinking about it. ” Tommy was grateful to be getting a second chance after he’d thought he’d blown it. “We held hands like middle-schoolers,” he recalls.

Tommy was willing to sit through terror for Jessica, because he knew that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with from the start. “I knew right away.  I could just tell.  I put that Randy Travis “Forever and Ever, Amen” song on repeat.  It took a while to propose only because I wanted it to be the right timing in both of our lives.” Jessica knew he was the one after she saw the space where Tommy lived. “He is very organized and keeps a bulletin board full of goals and quotes. One of his goals was to be a good dad. I thought it was cute. Then once I met his family it solidified it for me. I got the whole package!”

When it came to the wedding day, Tommy was surprised by his reaction to seeing his bride. “I would always bust my brother’s chops for crying when my sister-in-law started walking down the aisle. But when the doors opened up and I saw Jess, I felt like doing the same thing.” Jessica, though filled with nerves,  was calmed when she saw her groom.

The two also made a point of incorporating their love story into their wedding. “We had our wedding in Walla Walla, which put us in the rolling hills of Eastern Washington where we first met.  We also had our dog, Pete, at the wedding.  He is a symbol of Jessica’s adventurous side.” Jessica adds, “Our wedding day was as much about family as it was about us. We both have been living away from family for a while, so we treated our wedding as a big reunion.” From the majesty of their cathedral ceremony to the charm of their reception, Jessica and Tommy’s Walla Walla wedding was a beautiful representation of their sweet story, while the talented Alexandra Celia was there to capture their tale on camera.

Vendor Credits:

Photographer: Alexandra Celia

Flowers: Rosemary’s Garden

Catering: Graze Catering

Dress: Casablanca

Groom’s Apparel: Vera Wang

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