No amount of rain could dampen the love and joy that filled Kara and Ryan’s Snohomish wedding at Thomas Family Farm. The images by Betty Globa Photography captured not only the darling details of the occasion, but the undeniable chemistry between the bride and groom. Once you read through their story, you’ll see why Kara and Ryan put the “sweet” in high school sweethearts.

It began with a question. Kara, who had barely spoken a word to the cute boy she believed to be “way too good for her,” had been somewhat forcefully convinced by her friends to ask Ryan to their tenth grade Tolo. Little did Kara know, Ryan had shared the same sentiment before she offered the invitation. “I thought she was way out of my league and that I didn’t have a chance!” The following night, Ryan asked Kara to sit next to her at their friend group’s outing to see Dear John, and feelings began to flourish.

“I know this seems crazy, but I was barely sixteen at the time and I knew then.” Kara shares. Six months into dating, the two of them agreed to share coffee and an important conversation. “I remember meeting at Starbucks and being so nervous to say out loud that I was in love with Kara,” says Ryan. “We both decided that our feelings were mutual and that we were in it for the long haul.” she adds.

Their proposal was nothing short of a dream, but it wasn’t without a fews bump in the road. “Ryan and I went to Europe with my sister and her husband for three weeks and the first country we went to was Norway. My sister and I are of Norwegian descent so we had planned to see our family’s farm in Sognfjord. It was several hours from Oslo so we took a bus, and long story short, everything went wrong. We arrived at 10:30 pm, we didn’t eat for over 36 hours, and “slept” outside in the rain on a park bench.” After they finally found some sustenance, they had more of an appetite for appreciating the beautiful country. That’s when the magic happened. “Ryan picked out the perfect spot, and asked to take a photo before we headed back into town. We were in a rush, so when Ryan started fiddling with his pocket I got a little impatient and told him he needed to hurry up… I immediately regretted it when I saw the tiny little Shane Co. bag. I was completely overwhelmed and shocked! He got down on one knee, talked about how long we have waited for this day, told me he loved me and asked me to be his forever. And of course I said “YES!” followed by an “I’m sorry I was a brat just before.” I still think about our proposal story and wonder how it was even real. It was better than anything I could have ever dreamt of as a little girl.”

While Ryan’s secret year-long proposal planning was the most romantic thing he’s ever done for her, Kara also provided Ryan with a year-long display of love. “Kara cut up 365 tiny pieces of paper by hand and wrote reasons she loves me on each and every one of them. She put them in the jar so that I could pull one out and read it each day for a year.”

Their wedding day was not only a celebration of their love, but of those who had been there along with them for the journey – their best friends were their bridesmaids and groomsmen and they were even married by their high school youth group pastor.

Both of them agreed on the first look as their favorite moment of their big day. “I about died when I saw how gorgeous Kara looked. I was honestly blown away. I had to step back and say, ‘Wow, I’m actually here getting married to my best friend.’”

Congratulations, Kara and Ryan!

Vendor Credits:

Photographer: Betty Globa
Second shooter: Dasha Fomenko
Wedding Planner/Decorator: Kari Morgan
MUA: Denise Linares
Hair: Marley Turner of The Vault Boutique Hair Lounge
Floral Design: Janet Dickison
Invitation Design: Becca Tapert


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