Some might call Kayla and Corbin’s first encounter a lucky strike, as they first met eyes in a bowling alley in high school. “When I first saw Corbin, , he was a mystery and a breath of fresh air. He had a charismatic smile and a friendly demeanor about him, so when he walked into the bowling alley I was immediately drawn to him.” The two started dating their sophomore year – a result of a distracting text message in the middle of a test. Their first official date was the classic combination of dinner and a movie, but Kayla couldn’t tell you much about the plot. Instead, all she could think about was when he was going to make the move.

Over the years, the two had the pleasure of growing up and growing together. “There wasn’t ever this goal to be married. We just enjoyed being together, so we traveled, moved in together, went to college, shared a similar work ethic, and continued to grow as individuals but within our relationship. We just knew we loved each other and wanted to journey through life with one another.” Kayla shares. It was on their eight year anniversary that Corbin popped the exciting question. Enlisting the help of Kayla’s boss to encourage her to take off work, Corbin orchestrated a day trip with friends to Fort Worden. Though there were plenty of signs that something special was going on (from seeing Corbin’s parents to noticing a video cord), it took a suggestion from friends to pose for a picture for Kayla to catch on. Corbin then led with, “It’s not really a coincidence that everyone is here today,” and Kayla’s heart beat began to quicken. He asked her the big question, and it took a while for it to sink in. “It was absolutely surreal actually being in that moment. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else, and I’m lucky to have found such a fun, loving, easy-going partner to tackle a marriage with.”

Courtney Bowlden was there to beautifully capture their Bellingham wedding that was brimming with joy. Their ceremony was the most memorable factor of the day.  “I rarely took my eyes off his face the entire ceremony, but occasionally I would look over at our officiant and directly behind her was this beautiful windowed dome. We had started our ceremony shortly after the sun set, so I could see a softened reflection of the audience in the windows.” Kayla shares. Being surrounded by loved ones to celebrate the start to “officially forever” made their wedding unforgettable.

Vendor Credits:

Photographer: Courtney Bowlden

Flowers: A New Leaf

Catering: Memorable Events

Dress: Dolce Bleu

Groom’s Apparel: Men’s Wearhouse

Cake: Pure Bliss

Videographer: Green Attic Films

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