There’s no telling how many times Colin looked for an excuse to go back to the bank where he first laid eyes on the beautiful bank teller, Darcie. From the day he first went to the drive-up with his mother to help her make a deposit, he gladly took on the role of his mother’s personal financial assistant. Darcie, drawn by Colin’s cool confidence, didn’t mind seeing his “crystal blue eyes” again, either. “I knew instantly he had a generous personality and would do anything to help a friend out,” she says. Her character judgment was soon affirmed. “One time before he and I were dating, I had mentioned to him that I couldn’t see very well because my wiper blades were so bad on my Jeep. He took it upon himself to go buy me new ones and switch them out while I was working without me knowing.” It became clear that there was something between the two of them, so they took to a Chinese restaurant for their first date.

Though the restaurant’s food quality was questionable, there was no denying the chemistry across the table. After hours spent laughing and talking, Darcie and Colin walked out to find the season’s first snow. “It made our date that much more magical.” The magic continued as they got to know each other more. When Darcie surprised Colin with the golden retriever puppy he’d always dreamed of having for his birthday, he knew she was the one he wanted by his side. As for Darcie, she knew Colin was a keeper after he passed the family holiday test. “Family is extremely important to me, and Colin fit in so seamlessly. He was cracking jokes and offered to help in the kitchen. He even brought my mom chocolate and wine on his first Thanksgiving with us. That won her over right there.” Thanksgiving turned out to be even more of a promising holiday, as Colin coordinated a surprise dinner with Darcie’s whole family to propose.

Once Darcie saw Colin on the big day, her face lit up with joy and she knew that it would be the best day ever no matter what. Colin was blown away by his bride’s beauty, who was definitely his “definition of perfection.” After the first impressions, the two got to tell hear their love story told in an unforgettable way. Darcie’s aunt, who conducted the ceremony, had asked Darcie and Colin to privately respond to questions about one another prior to their wedding. She read aloud Darcie and Colin’s answers for all to hear, which made the ceremony all the more personal.

Now that they’ve tied the knot, I had the chance to ask them a follow-up question: “What’s the best part about being married?” For Colin, it’s “knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with the woman of my dreams. Darcie says it’s ” knowing I will always have my best friend by myside through this crazy journey called life.” Watch the story of Darcie and Colin’s wedding day come to life with these images captured by Inspired Productionz:

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